What Is A Good Age To Take Piano Lessons In Singapore?

What is the ideal age to take music classes in Singapore? While everyone has slightly different answers, here is mine. Unlike piano teachers, who will obviously tell you that the younger you learn the better, one needs to consider more factors. This is especially the case if you are in a country such as Singapore.

One of the best ages to learn is when the student is still young and still a dependent on the parents. For example, if you have a child or children who wants to learn the piano, and he or she is still schooling and a child or teenager, then you should send him or her for piano lessons if they wish to learn. The younger a person takes up piano lessons, the easier he or she will find to understand and grasp the concepts of playing the instrument. This is because for the student, or rather your child, they do not have any responsibilities other than their studies and their piano lessons. They do not need to take care of a family, take care of bills or the household in any way. On the other hand, it is difficult to learn the piano when one is a working and married adult with kids. There is too little free time and financial obligations for most people in Singapore to learn the piano. In terms of the exact age, that will be ages below 18 in Singapore.

The second good age to take piano lessons in Singapore is actually when one is a working adult who does not yet have kids. This is because such an adult’s obligations and responsibilities in life will just be his or her work and learning the piano. Since there is no spouse and kids yet, there is no obligation to take care of anyone else – both effort and financial wise. In terms of the age range, it will usually be ages 21 to 28 in this case.

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Singapore Piano Teacher Salary – Enough To Put Food On Table?

The number one question that Singaporeans ask when deciding on a career is the salary. So how much income can you expect to make as a piano teacher in SG? Is a Singapore piano teacher salary enough to put food on the table, or is it much more than that?

Let us check it out.

Firstly, there are two types of piano teachers you can become in Singapore. The first of which will be you becoming self employed, and being a private piano teacher in Singapore. In this first scenario, the sky is the limit, as it is only dependent on your ability to get students. If you are going this route, I encourage you to join SG Learn Piano agency to get yourself more Singapore piano teacher jobs – both kids and adult piano lessons. They only charge you a fee if you are successfully referred your student. The second way is you can become a salaried teacher at a local music school such as Yamaha. In such a case, you can roughly expect to make anywhere between $2200 to $3200 per month. Of course, this is before deducting your mandatory CPF contribution and any applicable taxes.

Second of all, how much does an average Singaporean spend? If you are in your 20s and 30s, chances are, you spend around $300 to $600 a month on food, $200 to $300 a month on travelling and perhaps $500 to $600 on other miscellaneous expenses. That is an average expenditure of around $1300 per month. If you have a HDB or an executive condominium, the costs of living can go up till around $2000 per month out of pocket. Therefore, if you make anywhere around $3000, you will be able to live comfortably. This is the case if you were to get a job at a music school. However, if you want to actually have some savings, then you need to make more. You can potentially make around $5000 to even $6000 per month as a private piano teacher instead of being a salaried employee at a music school. This way, you can save around $2500 to $4000 per month.

Third of all, let us explore how you can possibly hit $5000 or $6000 per month as a private piano teacher in Singapore. There is no point if you need to work 7 days a week for 10 hours a day. We must have a good trade off between work and leisure. Since most piano lessons are around $130 per month for beginners till $300 per month for grade 8, that is an average of $210 per student per month. If you take in 25 students, you will be able to make approximately $5000 to $6000. Teaching just 5 students a day for 5 days a week, you will be able to make this income. Do you see the beauty of working for yourself now?

So what do you think? I certainly think that being a private piano teacher is the way to go, and is guaranteed more than enough to put enough food on your table!

How To Score Well In Singapore’s ABRSM Piano Sight Reading

Scoring well in the ABRSM piano sight reading segment seems like a difficult task for most Singaporean music students. This is largely because it is impromptu playing, and some students lack the confidence. Singaporean students tend to score well in pieces, because they get to have a lot of practice. But that is definitely not the case for the actual sight reading portion of the ABRSM exam.

Here are some tips to help you sight read like a pro for your piano ABRSM exams. Also, make sure to get a good piano teacher. A great piano teacher will be able to help you by leaps and bounds. A recommended agency from which you can get a piano teacher in Singapore from is SG Learn Piano.

Should You Send Your Child For Piano Lessons In Singapore?

Perhaps your child told you that he or she wants to learn the piano and take piano lessons. Or maybe you have read online about the benefits a child may get from learning music. Regardless of the reason, we will talk about the benefits your child may gain as a result of taking piano lessons. Because every parent in Singapore is different, you can then decide if you want to send your child for Singapore piano lessons after checking through this post!

Learning the piano works out both logical and creative sides of your child’s brain

First of all, it is well known that playing the piano requires coordination and precise maneuvering of both hands at the same time. A pianist will also be required to perform different actions on both hands at the same time. Playing the piano is one of those rare activities where your child will be required to perform vastly different things on each hand. This means that by playing the piano, your child will be able to activate both his or her left side and right side brain at the same time. Few other activities in the world achieves this. Therefore, when your child takes piano lessons, he or she will be able to work his or her creative right side and the logical left side brain. This will enable your child to be more well developed brain-wise compared to his or her peers over the years.

Your child can opt for music elective program (MEP) in school and breeze through the subject and score an easy ‘A’

Second of all, some schools offer a music elective program. This is basically a program where your child can choose to learn music as a subject in school instead. If your child learns the piano and is grade 5 or above, he or she can enroll in this program. MEP program is a near guaranteed A for your child. At the very least, it is a very easy to score topic for your child if your child can enroll in the MEP. This is because your child is already accredited with the higher ABRSM piano grades. MEP school work will be a breeze for your child. This allows your child more time to focus on other subjects. This is because his or her ‘A’ score will be nearly guaranteed for this MEP.

Of course, make sure to consider your child’s opinions as well. Make sure that your child wants to learn music to this degree. Some children really want to excel in piano, while others are forced by their parents to learn. Do not be the latter type of parent!

Your child will be in good company and not mix around with juvenile delinquents

Third of all, playing the piano is a good hobby. This may be a generalization and some will disagree with me. However, how often do you hear pianists going out and mixing around with juvenile delinquents, smoke and drink? Nearly never. There is just a debonair vibe about pianists. Pianists engage in more ‘gentlemen’ or ‘womanly’ activities only. There are nearly no pianists who become a Singaporean ah beng or ah lian. This is a good indirect yet effective way to inculcate good values into your children without you nagging them. They will feel happy, and you will feel assured that they will grow up good most of the times.

What Is The Best Way To Learn The Piano In Singapore?

There are several ways you can choose to learn the piano in Singapore. Here is a post discussing how many hours you may need to master the piano – https://www.sglearnpiano.com/2019/02/01/how-many-hours-does-it-take-for-you-to-master-the-piano/. You can either learn it online through YouTube lessons, or you could hire a private home piano teacher, or you could learn from a music school. The above are all possible options in Singapore. However, not all options are equally beneficial for you. Let us take a look at some considerations before you make a right decision.

Do you wish to get ABRSM accredited?

First of all, do you wish to pursue the ABRSM graded examinations? If your answer to this question is a yes, then you will want to learn from a professional teacher either from a music school or hired privately. The reason for this is because they will be able to shortcut your learning curve by at least half. Unless you intend to potentially take 16 years to pass the ABRSM exams, you should learn from a private home piano teacher or a school.

This is because when it comes to passing the ABRSM examinations, the theory can get pretty complicated when it is grade 4 and 5. You will need to pass at least grade 5 theory to take the practical exams for grade 6 and up. Therefore, my recommendation to you is to learn from a private piano teacher in Singapore or a music school if your goal is to pass Grade 8 practical ABRSM exams.

If your answer is no, then… read on

Second of all, if you answer is no to the above question, then you have more options. Let us then look at what you want to learn the piano for. If your purpose is to learn a song for an occasion – such as for your wedding or for your 21st birthday party, then there is no real need to learn from a teacher. You can save money by actually simply taking simple online piano tutorials.

The gist is that if you wish to get professionally accredited, you will save yourself lots of headaches and time if you get a professional teacher. If not, you can self educate yourself.