Should You Send Your Child For Piano Lessons In Singapore?

Perhaps your child told you that he or she wants to learn the piano and take piano lessons. Or maybe you have read online about the benefits a child may get from learning music. Regardless of the reason, we will talk about the benefits your child may gain as a result of taking piano lessons. Because every parent in Singapore is different, you can then decide if you want to send your child for Singapore piano lessons after checking through this post!

Learning the piano works out both logical and creative sides of your child’s brain

First of all, it is well known that playing the piano requires coordination and precise maneuvering of both hands at the same time. A pianist will also be required to perform different actions on both hands at the same time. Playing the piano is one of those rare activities where your child will be required to perform vastly different things on each hand. This means that by playing the piano, your child will be able to activate both his or her left side and right side brain at the same time. Few other activities in the world achieves this. Therefore, when your child takes piano lessons, he or she will be able to work his or her creative right side and the logical left side brain. This will enable your child to be more well developed brain-wise compared to his or her peers over the years.

Your child can opt for music elective program (MEP) in school and breeze through the subject and score an easy ‘A’

Second of all, some schools offer a music elective program. This is basically a program where your child can choose to learn music as a subject in school instead. If your child learns the piano and is grade 5 or above, he or she can enroll in this program. MEP program is a near guaranteed A for your child. At the very least, it is a very easy to score topic for your child if your child can enroll in the MEP. This is because your child is already accredited with the higher ABRSM piano grades. MEP school work will be a breeze for your child. This allows your child more time to focus on other subjects. This is because his or her ‘A’ score will be nearly guaranteed for this MEP.

Of course, make sure to consider your child’s opinions as well. Make sure that your child wants to learn music to this degree. Some children really want to excel in piano, while others are forced by their parents to learn. Do not be the latter type of parent!

Your child will be in good company and not mix around with juvenile delinquents

Third of all, playing the piano is a good hobby. This may be a generalization and some will disagree with me. However, how often do you hear pianists going out and mixing around with juvenile delinquents, smoke and drink? Nearly never. There is just a debonair vibe about pianists. Pianists engage in more ‘gentlemen’ or ‘womanly’ activities only. There are nearly no pianists who become a Singaporean ah beng or ah lian. This is a good indirect yet effective way to inculcate good values into your children without you nagging them. They will feel happy, and you will feel assured that they will grow up good most of the times.

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