What Is A Good Age To Take Piano Lessons In Singapore?

What is the ideal age to take music classes in Singapore? While everyone has slightly different answers, here is mine. Unlike piano teachers, who will obviously tell you that the younger you learn the better, one needs to consider more factors. This is especially the case if you are in a country such as Singapore.

One of the best ages to learn is when the student is still young and still a dependent on the parents. For example, if you have a child or children who wants to learn the piano, and he or she is still schooling and a child or teenager, then you should send him or her for piano lessons if they wish to learn. The younger a person takes up piano lessons, the easier he or she will find to understand and grasp the concepts of playing the instrument. This is because for the student, or rather your child, they do not have any responsibilities other than their studies and their piano lessons. They do not need to take care of a family, take care of bills or the household in any way. On the other hand, it is difficult to learn the piano when one is a working and married adult with kids. There is too little free time and financial obligations for most people in Singapore to learn the piano. In terms of the exact age, that will be ages below 18 in Singapore.

The second good age to take piano lessons in Singapore is actually when one is a working adult who does not yet have kids. This is because such an adult’s obligations and responsibilities in life will just be his or her work and learning the piano. Since there is no spouse and kids yet, there is no obligation to take care of anyone else – both effort and financial wise. In terms of the age range, it will usually be ages 21 to 28 in this case.

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